Chris Aubeck was born in London. His interest in the historical and sociological aspects of unexplained phenomena began at an early age. He moved to Spain aged 19 and after teaching in Cáceres and Madrid for 24 years now lives in Granada.

A student of language and folklore, he has helped compile the largest collection of pre-1947 UFO cases in the world through Magonia Exchange, a remarkable collaborative network of librarians, students and scholars of paranormal history. 

Chris is the author of three books, with more on the way: Wonders in the Sky, with Jacques Vallée (2009); OOPARTs, coauthored with Juan Jose Sanchez Oro (2015); and Return to Magonia, coauthored with Martin Shough (2015). 

Chris has spoken on his research in many articles and on public radio and in 2008 was awarded a prize for his contributions to the field by the Spanish organization Fundación Anomalía.

Reviews for Return to Magonia

"Amazing! . . . should be required reading" 
Clas Svahn, journalist & bestselling author
"significant: the first 21st-century UFO book

. ...meticulous . . . an engaging scientific detective story . . . Return to Magonia is a model of how to conduct productive historical UFO and anomalies studies. An instant classic and likely to remain an enduring one."
Jerome Clark, Fortean Times #335
"This is an excellent collection of reports that shows the rich variety of aerial anomalies . . . 
They do a good job of trying to scientifically explain these sightings . . . A great book 
showing that flying saucers are nothing new."
Starburst Magazine, November 20, 2015
"A very detailed and thorough review and analysis of historical aerial anomalies. Essential reading."
Nigel Watson (author of UFOs of the First World War, Ghostships of the Skies, etc.), Amazon, November 19, 2015
". . . combines modern tools and resources to dig deep into history . . . before flying saucers became an international sensation."
Ben Jones, The Transcontinental, December 
1, 2015
"an excellent study . . . very impressive . . . has much to offer"
Bill Chalker, The Oz Files
"Along the way we learn a lot about astronomy; mirages; other meteorological phenomena; 
human observational skills, and, of course, UFOs. . . . As an individual who loves "cold case" analysis, I was in my element with this book."
Keith Basterfield, 
author and researcher
"In a word, brilliant!  The most important UFO book in years."
Peter Hassall, NZ, 
researcher and author 
"a book that should be read by everyone professing to be a UFO investigator or researcher . . . of great utility for modern UFO research . . . this rich and dense examination of historical UFO events. . . . Another volume could become available should this first volume sell well. I certainly hope it does."
UFO Truth Magazine, December 2015 pp.53-4.